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Shop insurers are a canny lot. They know that retailers face a whole multitude of risks and so there are a number of insurance packages on the market which include coverage for just about every risk that the owner of a retail business could face, whether that owner was a shopkeeper of a small corner shop, or the proprietor of a large shopping mall on a pedestrian precinct. These risks include shoppers slipping in alleged spills, temporary staff robbing the tills, shop premises catching fire, stock pilferage, shop employees hurting their backs lifting boxes and all the countless insurable problems that beset every retailer. Buying a shop insurance package can often prove far economical for a retailer than buying separate policies such as employers liability, public liability, cover for the shops' stock, business interruption coverage etc from different insurers and it can make life much simpler in the event of a claim to have all insurance policies under one roof.

Apart from employers liability insurance, which is usually compulsory, shop owners have a choice under normal circumstances of whether or not to carry other insurance coverage but as we all know we live in a litigious world in which owners of shops, stores, supermarkets and even market stalls are considered fair game by insurance fraudsters, who are often awarded, for often questionable 'accidents', the sort of compensation which could put the average shopowner out of business in double quick time. This is before factoring in the risks of not only the destruction of shop fittings and stock but also loss of business caused by fire, flood or other natural occurrences. A comprehensive shop insurance package will not of course be provided free of charge by the insurers – heaven forbid – but by getting multiple insurance quotations from filling in just one form the average shop owner will at least be able to have the assurance of knowing that he or she has done everything reasonably possible to keep the cost of this coverage down to a minimum. So, whether you run a small corner grocery shop or an out-of-town hypermarket, a cake shop or a trendy boutique, an indoor market stall or a high-street shopping mall there will be an insurance package to suit you. Get a shop insurance quote now.

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